Sinnotech has the design engineering experience, techniques, and capacity to create safe, reliable, efficient, cost-effective, and innovative products for your business.
Sinnotech requires the highest level of engineering, injection mold design, and manufacturing competence for successful product realization. Besides using customized tools, Sinnotech runs a variety of tests to predict the moldability of new applications. If necessary, Sinnotech adjusts the product design to facilitate better results. We then continuously verify our mold flow predictions; this enhances our ability to estimate the correct fill along with the percentage capability of the molding equipment needed for each application.
Additionally, Sinnotech developed a variety of special molds for characterizing materials that aren’t support by MoldFlow, which allows us to estimate results without the need to prototype for some applications.
Sinnotech works with an array of materials – from PP to PEEK including many bioabsorbable compounds – which gives your company flexibility, especially with plastic  gears manufacturing. Our goal is to understand the operating environment, physical requirements, chemical compatibility, and assembly factors in order to define the ideal material for your project.
To improve the mold design process, Sinnotech utilizes a tool known as PFMEA. This helps Sinnotech identify design risks and leads to changes that will ultimately result in “first-shot” quality products, which means faster-to-market times and reduced costs for your business. Sinnotech also uses state-of-the art machining equipment that can’t be found at any other company.
Sinnotech’s paperless process ensures that everyone involved has the most current model details for all aspects of mold construction, which increases efficiency.
No matter how challenging your project, trust Sinnotech to design and build the best products for your company - contact us today for more information.
"Sinnotech produced a molded component that other companies said was impossible. The Sinnotech staff provided us with excellent technical advice and delivered the component on time. The component exceeds our tolerance expectations."
-November 2010, Client
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