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From Fortune 500 corporations to small companies, Sinnotech works with a variety of businesses in different fields. But, no matter the size of the organization – or the order – Sinnotech follows the same thorough, rigorous production process. It’s one we’ve refined over the years to increase its efficiency and allow us to create the finest products for our customers.Sinnotech considers every aspect of the process, from design to shipping. Contact us today to learn more about our injection molding process

Micro Injection Molding Process Design for Manufactur-ability
The journey begins with this critical step. Our highly experienced engineers utilize FMEA to recognize and assess any possible production problems and their effects, and then establish solutions to reduce or eliminate these situations. Issues such as filling, ejection, handling, inspection, and packaging are reviewed. We use Moldflow analysis, along with a combination of runner optimization, micro spiral flow, and variable test plaque molds to predict how a product will fill.

Material Selection
We believe proper material selection is second only to a good design. Choosing the best resin can improve a part’s performance. Conversely, choosing an inappropriate resin can challenge even the best design. At Sinnotech, we rely on our preferred team of resin suppliers who are experts in engineered thermoplastics to assist you with this selection if necessary. Our team of toolmakers, mold designers, process engineers and material specialists strives to work with you to ensure moldability, throughput and performance.

Project Management
Depending on the part complexity and quantity, it can take several toolmakers to design, build and test the average tool. Cross-functional teams of mold designers and toolmakers work in concert to build tools that are capable of producing production-ready parts the first time. Tools this complex require a special touch, from conception, through tool-making, to parts production, to shipping. Sinnotech has perfected this process. It’s second nature to us! No company can manufacture parts consistently and repeatably if they do not have a strong in-house tool project management program in place. When comparing molders, we encourage you to investigate this key process that is frequently overlooked.

Production Process Management
Our sophisticated computer system, along with day-to-day documentation, help manage the flow of this process. From injection to inspection, maintaining high standards during this process is part of Sinnotech’s continued ISO certification.

Customer Service
Home grown, friendly, outstanding customer service is what you get at Sinnotech. Our customer service managers and staffers have a number of resources right at their fingertips to help them serve you. All our work is done under one roof in our facility in Suzhou. Electronically or physically checking on the status of just about anything is simple and fast.
"Sinnotech stepped up to the plate and delivered a quality product on time to help us achieve critical timelines. The Sinnotech team put in the extra time and effort to ensure the success of our project."
-Jan 6, 2011, Client
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