It’s almost impossible to overstate the importance of having the finest tools available to use in the molding process.

If the tools being used aren’t of exacting quality, the resulting parts will be inadequate, inefficient, and unreliable. And, ultimately, your company will suffer – and so will your customers.

Sinnotech utilizes superior precision tooling to produce sharper edges, better surface finishes, and tighter tolerances. This leads to smaller and more complex features and shapes, and paves the way to more advanced products with greater performance.

Sinnotech designs and builds all our tools in our 9001:2008 ISO-certified facility, which ensures quality control. And, doing so allows us to create the customized injection mold tooling necessary to meet your company’s unique parameters.

Additionally, Sinnotech delivers a comprehensive range of related services such as machining, CNC-wire, mold maintenance, and other production-tooling.

Contact  Sinnotech today to learn more about why having the best tools will result in precision products for your company, and better results for your users.


"Sinnotech produced a molded component that other companies said was impossible. The Sinnotech staff provided us with excellent technical advice and delivered the component on time. The component exceeds our tolerance expectations."
-November 2010, Client
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